Birth of the new South Africa…
and Atterbury Property

Now one of South Africa’s most successful property development and asset management companies, with successful operations in territories such as Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Cyprus, Mauritius, Namibia and Mozambique.


Business unusual!

Social transformation through Atterbury Trust

Shareholding in Atterbury Property since inception and mobilisation of strong business networks for public benefit through the charitable Trust and Foundation and collaboration with NPO and church networks.

Led by our strong Christian foundation, the Trust helps those most in need – strong focus on children and the elderly


Sustainable, transparent action with tangible results

Education, community upliftment, food security, arts and culture

Wide-ranging support that works

Signs of hope in South Africa today!

MOI: High school learners receiving comprehensive support – programme in 5th year

Student bursary loans: Tertiary education, work opportunities and mentorship

Terugploeg (ploughing back): Sustainable food security, meat processing and work opportunities

INANI StartWell Foundation: Provides prevention of childhood stunting with the supply of nutritious food at World Health standards

Stunting, Under 5, Both, Mean, 2019

Silent Hunger = Stunted

  • 27%
  • Over 1.8m children
  • 3 out of every 10

Source: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. University of Washington

Triomf Clinic: Health and wellness by mobilising medical volunteers in its 10th year

Atterbury Theatre: Cultural & Art support (music, theatre and more)

Many ad hoc community projects

Atterbury Trust

Guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Success metrics

Numbers tell the story of charitable actions that work


  • Bursary loan schemes, not handouts
  • Upliftment of impoverished communities through job opportunities
  • Continuous actions that create and maintain a virtuous upward spiral
  • Responsible management and continuous transparent reporting

The power of partnerships

  • Partnerships with business associates
  • Collaborative CSI efforts – umbrella organisations and via reputable NPOs
  • High quality network of cash donors
  • Transparency and success leads to the unlocking of additional funding
  • Responsible management and continuous transparent reporting

Our robust funding feedback loop

Every donated cent is tracked and reported, with tangible actions that work the result

At the Trust, hope is a verb


Please support the work of Atterbury Trust, because we know you care too

Zahn Hulme
Executive Trustee: Atterbury Trust

La Gratitude, 95 Dorp Street , Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa